Math Boot Camp




Summer 2017 

July 10th-13th and 17th-20th


WHAT IS IT?  The Math Boot Camp is an intensive program designed to help students place into the appropriate first math course at Yuba College. Click here to view the flyer

WHO IS IT FOR?  The Math Boot Camp is for students who have not yet taken a math course at Yuba College.  Students may or may not have already taken the placement exam.  Many students take the math placement test “cold”, without any preparation, when they register at Yuba.  As a result, many students are placed in a math course that they have already taken, in high school or elsewhere.  If a quick refresher in Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra, or Intermediate Algebra is what you need to achieve a score on the placement exam that will place you in a higher level course, then you are who the Math Boot Camp is designed for.Students must take the Yuba college placement exam, before starting Math boot Camp. This will help place the students in the appropriate levels for the review in Math Boot Camp.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  The Math Boot Camp will meet for a total of six days.  On each day you will receive a lecture in which a professor will go over major topics, lead you through examples and answer questions.   The last day of the camp, you will take the math placement exam.  

HOW DO I SIGN UP?  To be eligible for the Math Boot Camp you must be a registered Yuba College student.  If you are eligible, just fill out the registration form by following the link below. 

Math Boot Camp Registration

WHAT DOES IT COST?  The Math Boot Camp is free for registered Yuba College Students

QUESTIONS? Contact Erika Noffsinger at


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