History of Mathematics Contest


The winning entries are available for download as PDF files. Click on the title of the entry to download it.


Nicole Villarin "Evolution of the Calculator" (1st Place)
Miranda Smith "The Women Who Changed Mathematics Forever" (2nd Place)
Mitchell Lewis "The Calculator: Then, Now, and Always" (3rd Place)
Tiffany Putney "The Mathematical Genius of Carl Gauss" (Honorable Mention)


Kristina Heflin "Exploring the Modern Relevancy of a Historic Number" (1st Place, tied)
Sherry Herkal "Amazing Grace" (2nd Place)
Claire Abshier "Zero" (3rd Place)
Navadita Kooner "Al-Khwarizmi" (Honorable Mention)
Alanna Barnes "Fibonacci Sequence through Time" (Honorable Mention)


Tiana Grill "M.C. Escher: Artist and Mathematician" (1st Place, tied)
Abigail Duran Hernandez "Alan Turing: The Man Behind The Codes" (1st Place, tied)
Liz Sweetwood "How Mathematics and Art Are Interconnected" (3rd Place)
Natalie Yepez "The Invention of a Calculator" (Honorable Mention)


Matthew Lanphier "The Proof too Large for the Margin" (1st Place)
Inderpreet Singh "Newton" (Honorable Mention)


Caleb N. Zurakowski "The Evolution of Units" (1st Place)
Victoriarachel L. Caballero "Fibonacci. His Life and Works" (2nd Place)
Cindy L. Dela Cruz "Eratosthenes" (3rd Place: joint)
Julie N. Gibbs "Probability: Its History and Modern Applications" (3rd Place: joint)
Daniel M. Rosas "Pi: From Past to Present" (Honorable Mention)
Alison Cramer "Euclid Elements" (Honorable Mention)


Robert Bond "Lagrange Points and You" (1st Place)
Dennis Weber "Arab Contribution to Mathematics" (Honorable Mention)


Andrew Dolbee "History of Pi" (1st Place)
Miriam Compton "Zero: Is Nothing Necessary" (Honorable Mention)
Thomas Milne-Jones "The Difference Engine" (Honorable Mention)


Tyra J. Graham "Grigori Yakovlevich Perelman" (Honorable Mention)

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