Math/Stat Faculty

Full-time Faculty

Talwinder Chetra 530.741.1741 M-848E
Sarah Kovacs (on leave) 530.741.8769 M-706
Chris Noffsinger Christopher Noffsinger photo 530.741.6918 M-848B
Erika Noffsinger 530.741.7157 M-848D
Mukta Sharma 530.741.6845 M-848C
Karsten Stemmann 530.634.7797 M-845A
John Steverson 530.741.6909 M-709
John Thoo (Dept. Chair) John Thoo photo 530.741.6913 M-626
Terence Yi (LTT)   M-845B












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Woodland Community College Mathematics Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Faculty Member Email
Ray Arata
Amy Bailey
Mark Davenport
Satenik Haroyan
Mark Hoffner
Will Hoskins
Nancy Lindquist-Bernou
Rebecca McCleary
Dung Nguyen
Irene Peters
Bruce Troxel
Peter Uram
Tatyana Uram
Sherry Wallin
Kirk Wardlaw
Bryan White
Moua Xiong

Retired since 2003

Kirk Wardlaw ret. 2017
Lauren Syda Aug 1976--Dec 2012
Catherine Heaton Jan 2004--May 2011
Thomas Duncan* ret. 2008
Steve Klein* ret. 2007
Henry Chin ret. 2003
Art Fruhling ret. 2003

* = split assignment: math + another discipline

In Memoriam

Debbie Richter* d. 2006
Ken Gaal d. 2015

* = split assignment: math + another discipline

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