Faculty and Staff Directory


Name Position Email Office Telephone
Michael Bagley Dean mbagley@yccd.edu M-802 740-1707  
Kristina Page Secretary kpage@yccd.edu M-802 741-6786  



Name Department Email Office Telephone
Sujan Burgeson Humanities sburgeso@yccd.edu M-1703 741-6890  
Korey Champe Earth Science kchampe@yccd.edu M-820 741-7676  
Melissa Ha Biology mha@yccd.edu M-832 741-6914  
Marc Flacks Sociology mflacks@yccd.edu M-625 740-4831  
Lena Hsieh Political Science lhsieh@yccd.edu M-708 741-6852  
Lisa Jensen-Martin Psychology ljensen@yccd.edu M-2113 741-6856  
Doug Joksch Computer Science djoksch@yccd.edu M-848C 741-6739  
Sarah Kovacs Mathematics skovacs@yccd.edu M-706 741-8769
Christopher Noffsinger Mathematics
cnoffsin@yccd.edu M-707 741-6918  
Kevin Orton Chemistry korton@yccd.edu M-823A 741-6740
Joshua Pittenger Biology jpitteng@yccd.edu M-828 741-6944  
Meridith Selden Psychology mselden@yccd.edu M-842 741-6854  
Abrar Shaukat Physics
ashaukat@yccd.edu M-820A 741-6957  
Travis Smith History tsmith@yccd.edu M-841 741-6787  
Linda Staffero Biology lstaffer@yccd.edu M-828 741-6912  
John Steverson Mathematics
jstevers@yccd.edu M-709 741-6909
Jeff Stollberg Biology jstollbe@yccd.edu M-833 741-6940  
Jenine Tanabe Biology jtanabe@yccd.edu M-826 741-6907  
John Thoo Mathematics jthoo@yccd.edu M-626 741-6913




Name Department Email Office Telephone
Susie Courpet Chemistry scourpet@yccd.edu M-822D 741-6799  
JJ Goerz Biology
jgoerz@yccd.edu M-809 741-6958  
Kristina Vannucci MESA Program Director kvannucci@yccd.edu M-705 741-6986  


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